Metal detectors for rent in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward and Palm Beach County
D.A.K. Security Agency Inc., Florida
D.A.K. Security Agency Inc. Texas
Miami walk-thru metal detector rentals
D.A.K.: Miami's Event Security
and Entertainment Services Experts.
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Walk-through Metal Detector Rentals in Florida now at D.A.K.
A full-service 24HR Concert Security, Festival Security, Sporting Event Security, Private Event Security, Movie Set Security, VIP/Executive Security and Comprehensive Entertainment Services Agency.
D.A.K.'s Entertainment Services include Miami Valet, Professional Alcohol and Beverage Management, Fixed and remote I.D. Scanning and Verification, Metal Detection and Walk-through Metal Detector Rentals, Ushers and Ticket-taking.
A Florida State Licensed Security Agency.
A Texas State Licensed Security Agency.
A Florida State Licensed Security Training Facility.
Crowd Management and Security Logistics Planning specialists.
Premium insurance rating.
A serious commitment to excellence.
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D.A.K. Security Agency, Inc.
2666A NW 21st Terrace, Miami, FL 33142
D.A.K. Company Offices: 305.634.8426
D.A.K. 24HR Emergency Line: 786.512.5353
D.A.K. Fax: 305.634.8428
D.A.K. now rents Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detectors to event promoters in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and throughout Broward County and Palm Beach County.
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