Miami event security company D.A.K.
Miami  security jobs orientation D.A.K.

D.A.K. Orientation: Step 1

Apply in person, required.
Applying for employment with D.A.K. is in-person only.
Your Employment Application must be accepted by D.A.K. in order to proceed with Orientation.
D.A.K.'s offices are located at 11575 NW 7th AVE, Miami, FLA 33168

D.A.K. Orientation: Step 2

Download and Print the D.A.K. Orientation Package.
D.A.K. will provide you with an Orientation Password.
Enter that password here on this page to download the Package.

D.A.K. Orientation: Step 3

Read the entire D.A.K. Orientation Package.
Read all 8 pages of the D.A.K. Orientation Package.
Be sure you can answer any or all of the test questions.

D.A.K. Orientation: Step 4

Bring the Orientation Package to D.A.K. Orientation.
Bring the entire D.A.K. Orientation Package with you to D.A.K. Orientation.
D.A.K. will provide you with your D.A.K. Orientation date.

Am I required to attend Orientation to work for D.A.K.?

D.A.K. requires D.A.K. Orientation for all employees.
D.A.K. also requires D.A.K. Training for all employees.
D.A.K. Employee Orientation
Employment/APPLY NOW
D.A.K. Employee Orientation is mandatory for all D.A.K. employees.
D.A.K. Security Training is mandatory for all D.A.K. employees.
D.A.K. Executive Division requires advanced experience.
Apply in person at 2666A NW 21st Terrace, Miami, FL 33142
For information, contact Mr. Allen: 305.634.8426
D.A.K. Fax: 305.634.8428
Directions to D.A.K.'s offices
1. Apply in person at D.A.K. [REQUIRED]
2. Enter your D.A.K Orientation Password.
3. Read the entire Orientation Package.
4. Bring your Orientation Package with you.