Miami event security company D.A.K.

D.A.K. Concert, Festival, Sports Arena & Private Event Security

An Event Security Industry Leader.
D.A.K. is an acknowledged leader in Miami concert security, sports entertainment security, large event and festival security, movie and tv production security, trade show security, security planning and logistics, event parking and professional valet, alcohol and beverage management, ID scanning and metal detection, and metal detector rentals. From pre-planning strategy to crowd management and post-event exit logistics, D.A.K. has your public and event security needs covered with the best expertise, a premium insurance rating and a serious commitment to excellence.
Pre-event planning experts.
Patron drug and alcohol screening.
Ticket Taking, Ushering, V.I.P./Suite Staffing
Celebrity escort logistics.
Equipment and staging security.
Backstage security and Barricade security.
Pre/post-event vendor load-in/out vehicles

D.A.K. Movie Set and TV Commercial Set Security

D.A.K. provides complete security solutions to movie, tv series and commercial productions in Miami and throughout Florida.
Click for a partial list of Miami film, tv series and tv commercial productions we've provided with complete security solutions:
The Sopranos
B.E.T. Awards
Latin Billboard Awards
America's Most Wanted
Billboard Latin Music Awards
Tom Joyner Show
Source Music Awards
MTV's DMX-Ludacris-Method Man
Lenny Kravitz Video
Trick Daddy Video

D.A.K. Executive Team and Celebrity Security

Professionalism on the Red Carpet.
D.A.K.'s Executive Security Team provides 24HR security services and solutions for corporate entertainment events, red carpet affairs, live entertainment facilities, movie and television functions, and job sites requiring consistent and highly trained executive security personnel. 24HR, year-round.
24HR Executive Security management.
24HR Executive Security personnel.
Pre-event strategic planning.
Executive Security Vehicle transportation.

D.A.K. Private Event - Elite Guest

D.A.K. provides expert security guard, alcohol and beverage, private parking and valet parking personnel for Miami elite private events and functions.
Guest screening and verification.
24HR grounds and pool area security.
24HR Private entrance security.
24HR Off-limit area security.
24HR Dock security.
Professional alcohol and beverage management.
Private parking and Valet.

D.A.K. Event Box Office Management

From Personnel to Fully Outsourced
Designed specifically for traditional venue operations, conventions, live entertainment, concert, sporting events, and for one-off, festival-type events. From box office personnel to fully outsourced box office operation. D.A.K. Box Office services include:
Box office management.
Box office personnel.
Accountant and reconciliation services.
Will-call services.
Payment processing services.
Box office rental.

D.A.K. Alcohol and Beverage Solutions

Maximize your Alcohol and Beverage Operations
D.A.K. provides Alcohol and Beverage Services ranging from alcohol and beverage personnel to fully outsourced food and beverage operations. D.A.K.'s state licensed and insured operations provides clients turn-key alcohol and beverage distribution. D.A.K. Alcohol and Beverage Services are designed specifically for traditional year-round venue operations, for seasonal venues, and for one-off events.
Alcohol, beverage, food management.
Alcohol and beverage personnel.
Wrist band and alcohol I.D. services.
Accountant and reconciliation services.
Complete state licenses and alcohol liability insurance.
Supply ordering and management.
Payment processing services.
Service auditing and secret shopper.
Food and beverage consulting.
Auditing of existing food and beverage operations.

D.A.K. Event ATMs

Let D.A.K. manage your mobile ATM event.
D.A.K. provides self-serviced or fully serviced ATMs, cash, signage and personnel.

D.A.K. Parking and Valet

Streamline your Valet Operations.
D.A.K. provides best-in-class parking, valet, and traffic services for live entertainment facilities, large festivals, sporting events and universities. Through the use of structured parking plans and highly trained staff, D.A.K. enhances the patron experience and maximizes venue parking revenue operations.
Parking operations management
Parking attendants
Parking cashiers
Accountant and reconciliation services.
Parking consulting and traffic flow design
Valet services (Large scale:150 staff)

D.A.K. Digital I.D. Scanning and Verification

Deploy D.A.K.'s I.D. Team in fixed or remote locations.
D.A.K.'s I.D. Team provides best-in-class digital I.D. scanning and verification services using our programmable hand-held devices. Station D.A.K.'s I.D. Team at any fixed location, or, deploy us remotely and strategically across extremely large venues. Our I.D. expertise includes comprehensive pre-event I.D. planning and logistics and detailed post-event summaries and reports.
Programmable hand-held devices verifying all 50 states and Canada.
Best-in-class secondary verification procedures for international I.D.s, passports and damaged and/or unreadable I.D.s.
Stationary I.D. scanning at your front door, front gate, or private entrance.
Roaming and remote I.D. scanning across large event venues.
Comprehensive pre-event I.D. planning and logistics.
Detailed post-event summaries and reports.

D.A.K. Walk-Through Metal Detection and Rentals

Deploy D.A.K.'s Metal Detectors at all of your event entrances.
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D.A.K. provides state-of-the-art walk-through metal detectors for deployment at any and all of your venue entrances. D.A.K.'s walk-through metal detection provides the highest level of security screening at concerts, sporting events, festivals and club venues.
D.A.K. is a walk-through metal detector rentals provider.

Company Profile

Incorporated in 1993.
Company President: Robert P. Middlebrook
Year incorporated: 1993
Employees: 250+
DB category: 1-10 million
Florida B Security Agency License B9300109
Florida Dept. of State Security School License DS200034
Miami concert security. Film and TV set security. Sporting Event security. Elite private event security. Miami Valet. Alcohol and Beverage Management. I.D. Scanning and Verification. Metal Detection. Walk-through Metal Detector Rentals. D.A.K. has you covered.
Learn about D.A.K.'s clients, events and venues
Deploy D.A.K.'s Walk-thru Metal Detectors at all of your event entrances.
A Florida State Licensed Security Agency.
A Florida State Licensed Security Training Facility.
Premium insurance rating.
Crowd Management and Security Planning specialists.
Experts in Concert security, Large Event security, Sporting Event security,
Movie Set - TV Commercial Set security, Private Event security and Alcohol/Beverage Management, ID Scanning and Verification, Metal Detection, and walk-through metal detector rentals.
A serious commitment to supervision, training and professionalism.
A Florida State Licensed Security Training Facility.